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Welcome at the website of JSP Gascylinders

”To make something very new, you have to start at the beginning, We did”

We wanted to build an ideal gascylinder. So we went back to find out what would make it close to perfect.
So we designed a gascylinder which is not only 50% lighter than the common carbon steel onces, but also with a number of extra advantages above it's competitors.

Out of all suitable materials we have chosen, stainless steel.
The many unique values provided by stainless steel make it the most powerful candidate in the material selection and makes it superior to aluminium and composite.es
We at JSP Gascylinders b.v. believe that the quality of our products and services is the most important issue to our customers.

Therefore quality is the foundation of our corporate culture.

May we invite you to look at our website, products and possibilities and you will agree with us that together we enter a new era with stainless steel gascylinders.

Together we can!